The outstanding alternative

Lessons from delivering outstanding apprenticeships remotely

Multiverse has grown rapidly in the months since the COVID pandemic struck. We now train three times as many apprentices, in more regions both internationally and within the UK. But what we are particularly proud of is the way the quality of our apprenticeships has increased: 

  • Rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted in every category 
  • For the first time, 100% of apprentices who reached assessment achieved a pass 
  • 94% apprentices on track with their programme commitments
  • Completion rate increased by 6ppt

The Multiverse response to the pandemic focused on four guiding principles:

  1. Remote-first
  2. Scaling quality
  3. Economic inclusion
  4. Human connection and community

These principles helped us develop the most powerful delivery model possible, effective regardless of fluctuations in rules and policies, and have continued to guide us as we emerge from the worst of the crisis.

Throughout, we have relied on strong collection and monitoring of data to ensure that apprentices are being well served.

Download our remote delivery white paper to see how we adapted to a fully remote apprentice experience and made a success of online teaching.