Gen Z Workforce Readiness Report

In this report, we surveyed young adults entering the workforce to uncover what's missing in the traditional college experience and how employers can close the skills gap.

professional apprenticeships: defining a new way to train and hire for today's employers

There's a massive disconnect between the way young adults are
educated and the needs of today's employers.


Young adults crave applied learning opportunities

72% of young adults with degrees believe college didn't fully equip them to start their career.

Colleges don't focus on skills critical to the modern working world

Nine out of ten senior executives say their organizations will face a skills gap by 2024 (Source: McKinsey)

Apprenticeships are part of the solution

Apprenticeships can plug the gap between education and career, and lead to high retention rates - 93% of apprentices plan to stay in their chosen industry.

What you need to know to prepare Gen Z to enter the US workforce

Skeptical of college

Half of 18-26 year olds say they were expected to go to college, but over 3/4 would skip college if they could get their dream job without a degree.

More work experience

Six out of ten young adults think workforce experience is the most crucial element to prepare for a successful career, but said that it's missing from the traditional college experience.

Cost of college is prohibitive

76% of young adults who did not go to college cite financial reasons as the reason.

New solutions

90% of apprentices are happy with the work opportunities in their chosen field, and nearly 3/4 rank their career prospects higher than their peers.

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