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2030 Vision: The Power and Influence of Apprenticeships on Black Talent Today

Multiverse and OneTen hosted a virtual event to discuss the power of expanding access to apprenticeship opportunities for non-degreed Black individuals, creating a highly-skilled workforce.

Multiverse, a OneTen endorsed talent developer, recently joined the ranks of OneTen’s education, career training and upskilling companies that are dedicated to hiring, promoting, and advancing one million Black individuals who do not have a four-year degree into family-sustaining careers by the year 2030.

We invite you to tune into this insightful, thought-provoking, and entertaining discussion, along with joint customer Intermountain Healthcare and special guest Terry Crews to hear:

  • How Multiverse partnered with Intermountain Healthcare to educate and diversify their workforce with non-degreed Black talent
  • Key learnings and success stories from Intermountain Healthcare's skills-first hiring and apprenticeship journey (including hearing first-hand from an apprentice!)
  • How companies can explore apprenticeships as new pathways for Black talent to join, learn and grow in their organizations.

  • Famed actor, investor, and author, Terry Crews, will share lessons learned from his journey growing up in Flint, MI to where he is today and how the apprenticeship model kick-started his career.