Kickstart your apprenticeship program: Learnings from the public and private sectors

Multiverse hosted a virtual event with US DOL, JFF and Intermountain Healthcare to discuss the goal to register over a million apprenticeships across sectors. To this end, they announced a 120-Day Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Sprint to promote the Registered Apprenticeship model as a solution for numerous industries to develop and train a skilled and diverse cybersecurity workforce, including occupations such as Data Analytics and Software Engineering.

We invite you to hear from an amazing panel of leaders at the US Department of Labor, Intermountain Healthcare, Jobs for the Future, and Multiverse to discover how they are promoting the apprenticeships model as a tool for future-proofing the workforce:

  • Highlighting best practices for corporate employers launching and implementing apprenticeship programs 
  • Discover how apprenticeships can drive your early talent, upskilling, and reskilling strategy
  • How Multiverse have partnered with Intermountain Healthcare to create impactful value with apprenticeships